Our Sprenger Ambassadors

Get to know our Ambassadors!

We, here at Sprenger, are fortunate to work with many different ambassadors on social media and consider them part of our Sprenger family. Our ambassadors live in different parts of the USA, Canada and Europe, so we are represented worldwide!

Our team not only provides us with great pictures of our products, but also offers you first-hand experiences and another point of contact to find out more about our brand and products.

And a lot is represented on our team: Purebred and mixed-breed dogs, big and small, pets and working dogs - we are sure we have someone you can identify with!

Click through this page to get to know all our ambassadors and learn more about them.

That's "Alles"

Get to know "Alles"

born on May 4, 2017 in the U.S.A. - as one of 12 puppies.
Initially a bit weak on his feet, "Alles" came to George on 1 July with a weight of 4.6 kg.

There he succeeds Bandit, who, also a German shepherd dog, was active as a therapy dog until he was 13 years old. - Already many years ago the contact of SPRENGER to George and Bandit arose by a nice coincidence. We are very happy about the entry of Alles at George.

We would like to share this joy with you. - Follow with us step by step Alles' development from puppy to therapy dog!



Niko the German Shepherd

Follow him on his adventures!

“My German shepherd Niko and I love going on adventures, hiking and going camping! We spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors.

We love using Sprenger dog sports gear because they are second to none in quality and their equipment fits seamlessly into our lives whether it’s on the trails, at the campsite or during training their gear just works!”

– Kyle from @wanderswithniko



Henry - Not your average Bulldog

Allergy dog | Balanced training | Photography

“My name is Carissa and my dog Henry is a sweet and sassy bulldog mix from the prairies of Canada.

I fell in love with Herm Sprenger early in Henry's obedience training when I saw how effective the ultra training collar was for communicating with him!

Since then, we have had the privilege of joining the Sprenger team and trying additional products. From this, two things are clear: the quality is unparalleled and we will never look back!”

– Carissa from @itshenrythebully

Jakoba - German Shepherds

DDR German Shepherds - Koba, Meeka, Ryker, Kai & Brenna

“We're a pack of five German Shepherds living in Oklahoma!

We love adventuring with our dogs, and that means lots of training. We love Herm Sprenger for our training gear because we've yet to come across a company with comparable quality!”

– Ashley from @von.jakoba



The Adventures of Nell & Winston

Mountain explorers in colorful Colorado

“My name is Ashley and my dogs are Nell and Winston! We spend our weekends hiking in the mountains of Colorado or working on training in the city.

We have used Sprenger collars for years and they help the dogs stay engaged with me the whole time.”

– Ashley from @5280coloradodogs

Exploring with Atlas & North

Find us in our tent or on the trails!

“My name is Tiler, Atlas is the Samoyed and North is the Husky. We live in Denver, Colorado and spend the majority of our time hiking, dogsledding or camping in mountains, traveling and finding new street art in the city.

I rely on Sprenger collars for all training needs. They especially help to avoid all of our walks turning into canicross races because my dogs are bred to pull and they know it!

We are Our Northern World. Find us in our tent or on the trails!”

– Tiler from @ournorthernworld



The Primitive Pack - Hikiro & Kuma

All about balanced training, sports and nutrition!

“My name is Jenny and my two dogs are called Hikiro and Kuma. We live in Luxembourg, Europe!

Hikiro is a Shikoku Ken and Kuma is a Shiba Inu, they are both Japanese primitive breeds.
And as most people know, these northern/primitive breeds are known to be independent thinkers with extremely strong headed characters. So I’m really big on training and sports and trying to break the myth about them being “untrainable”.

Herm Sprenger plays a huge role in this because their products really help me to have amazing communication with my dogs. Especially Hikiro being a reactive dog that definitely depends on that clear communication and structure. I use Sprenger products on a daily basis, whether that being training collars, leashes or toys. So I feel extremely honored being on the Ambassadors Team!”

– Jenny from @theprimitivepack

Jagger & Personal Protection K9 Thanos

All about the daily life and personal protection training of two great dogs

“Hi there. I’m Lynn & my furkids are Jagger (aka J-Bird), a rescue dog & Thanos, a Dutch Shepherd.  

Since both are high energy dogs, I work hard to keep them mentally & physically stimulated through obedience training & sports. Both participate in weekly personal protection sessions & J-Bird does nosework, agility & dock diving.

Our trainer introduced us to Sprenger products when J-Bird was just a puppy & we’ve been relying on them ever since. They’ve been a game changer in both our dogs training programs & we highly recommend them to dog owners looking to take their dogs training to the next level.”

– Lynn from @theycallmejbird



Workingshepherdcrew - Show & Working Shepherds

German, Belgian, French and Aussie Shepherds

"Hello! My name is Carolyn and I work for Quality K9 Concepts as a full time contracted Narcotics K9 Handler with my two dogs Meekha, my Belgian malinois and Kohnen, my black German Shepherd and work as a Dog Trainer for this company as well.
We are located in Georgia!

I have 6 working dogs that I compete in various competition obedience & protection sports with!

I was introduced to Herm Sprenger many years ago and it’s all my dogs wear. The quality is always reliable and durable no matter what the situation. We have yet to find any quality better!

We hope you love your Herm Sprenger gear as much as my pack and I love ours!"

– Carolyn from @workingshepherdcrew