FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The throwing chain is an acoustic educational aid to train undesirable behavior of the dog.

The bright sound of the throwing chain, which is clearly distinguishable from any other noise clearly perceptible to the dog, serves as an amplifier and interruption signal in connection with a command, usually the signal "No". Under no circumstances is the dog directly " tossed " with the chain.

The handling of the throwing chain and the training of the handling as well as the connection with the interruption signal should in any case take place under the guidance of a competent dog trainer, in case of doubt please contact an experienced dog school.

With the help of the silent dog whistle, the dog can receive instructions over long distances (range approx. 150-400 meters, depending on the terrain and wind conditions) and can for example be called up by a specially trained whistle or sent into a specific command.

The sound of the dog whistle is perceptible to the human ear as a sharp hissing, the much more powerful dog ear hears the whistle.However, it is crucial that the dog is conditioned to the whistle and the meaning of the whistle. Without appropriate training, your dog will not know what is expected from him as a reaction.
Please get in contact with a competent dog school if you have any questions about the correct training process.

Rubberized leashes are made of polypropylene and are not only extremely light in weight, but also available in attractive and easily visible colors and very easy to clean. A reflective strip additionally increases the visibility and safety of dog and dog owner in the dark and when walking near frequented roads for example.

Due to the rubber coating, the leashes always have a good grip even when wet.

Tip: in case of extreme soiling, simply put the leash in the washing machine at low temperatures up to max. 30°Celsius.

Depending on the type of dog sport you and your dog enjoy, a different leash will be needed. While for dog sports like Agility or Obedience a special Agility leash with quick release or a short 1m leash is suitable, which can quickly be stowed in your trouser pocket; a 5, 10 or 15 meter tracking / trailing leash is more suitable for sports like Mantrailing, in the hunting dog area for tracing or tracking work.

For the daily walk a 3-times adjustable leash has proved itself, which can be hooked in three different lengths depending upon requirement.

No, for the participation during a VDH examination there are regulations regarding the choice of collar or chain. Depending on the type of test, these regulations are regulated in the IGP - International Working Dog Test Regulations, published by the FCI on January 1st, 2019.

Which chain is allowed in general can be  you can recognize in our catalogue quite simply by the VDH-icon.

Simple link chains with no traction limit can either be hooked to the fixed ring or to the ring through which the links slide; for example, if your dog has a tendency to "slip" backwards out of the collar in extreme situations. We strongly recommend the use of a splint ring or a shackle for additional traction limitation.

Chains that are hooked in without a tension limit should only be used by experienced dog owners.

Alternatively, there is a wide selection of necklaces with assembly chains that meet the latest animal welfare requirements.

Only chains and fittings made of stainless steel are recommended for use near the coast or under permanently extreme humid conditions.

Not only, but especially with brass and Curogan chains, it is important to regularly check the individual chain links for wear inside the links and replace them in good time to ensure the dog's safety at all times.

The black stainless steel chains are cleaned of galvanic color residues during the final production process. However, depending on the chain type and product, slight residues may remain.

In addition, it is not a permanent coating, so the constant friction of the fur on the metal can create an antique look.

Therefore this beautiful quality is not suitable for white or very light haired dogs.

Basically a mild detergent is sufficient for cleaning any kind of metal dog chain.

For chains made of stainless steel or Curogan, we recommend the use of a special metal polish from time to time, such as the Diamond Paste recommended by us.

Steel chromed chains should be dried with a cloth after contact with water.

The discoloration of the chain is caused by the high copper content of a CUROGAN chain. The CUROGAN chain is therefore coated with Zapon lacquer during the final stage of production. This abrades over time so that the material regains its natural surface. Without the lacquer, CUROGAN can develop a greenish discoloration due to temperature variations and high humidity or water influences. However, the quality of the chain is not affected. The original condition can be re-established at any time with a commercially available polishing paste (Diamond paste).

Even a CUROGAN chain does not completely protect the dog from fur discoloration. This is mainly due to the fact that various factors play a role in the discoloration of the dog's coat.

CUROGAN is 100% nickel-free and has proven to be a good alternative for dogs that react with a discoloration of the coat. However, even a CUROGAN chain does not prevent by 100% from discoloration of the coat, especially.

The material CUROGAN is a copper-tin alloy and 100% nickel-free. It is an excellent alternative for dogs that have been allergic to conventional chains. Due to the high copper content, Curogan chains have a brilliant reddish colour which darkens considerably during use.

The fact that your dog's coat discolors can be caused by a variety of factors. It is assumed that some dogs react allergic to nickel just like humans.

Sprenger therefore offers the material CUROGAN, which is absolutely nickel-free.

Besides, also organismic changes in the dog can result in a discoloration of the coat for no apparent reason. Even examinations at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover could not provide faultless results in this matter.

The difference between chrome-plated steel and stainless steel relates to the basic properties of the materials: while stainless steel is a solid, rust-free material that only receives its shiny appearance through appropriate surface treatment, steel is an iron alloy, which is principally rusty.

Steel chrome-plated Sprenger necklaces are nickel-plated and afterwards chrome-plated to provide appropriate protection against possible rust formation. However, if the chrome layer is damaged, rust cannot be avoided.

No, because the gaps result from a special electro spot welding. Due to this method, Sprenger achieves a particularly high breaking load and are therefore also able to manufacture collars for extremely strong dogs.

Due to the differing flow properties or the further processing of the materials used, the V formation may sometimes be larger or smaller.

The quality of the collars is not affected nor reduced in any way.

The red slider on the old ClicLock version was only used for additional protection against unintentional opening. It is a plastic part, which is worn out by the regular movement. The functionality and quality of the ClicLock is not affected in any way.

Since the introduction of the new ClicLock model, an additional plastic slider, a so-called jacket, has been placed over the shutter release for additional protection.

The closing process of the ClicLock ends with a clearly hearable "click". This acoustic signal gives you the certainty that the ClicLock has locked properly.

If the jacket has been lost, the function of the ClickLock is by no means restricted.

The closing process of the ClicLock ends with a clearly hearable "click". This acoustic signal gives you the certainty that the ClicLock has locked properly.

The jacket is made of black plastic and serves the button of the ClicLock fastener as additional protection against unintentional opening and soiling.

Since its introduction in 2010, the ClicLock has proven to be a reliable and extremely safe closure. It is made of stainless steel and has a guaranteed breaking load of 200 kg.

The ClicLock is used for all Sprenger articles with buckle and consists of catch, body and jacket.

Ultra-Plus refers to the middle plate of the dressage chain and the therefore synchronously arranged middle links.
The center plate serves the protection of the dog's larynx.

Individual elements are available in all different qualities and can easily be added or replaced to individualize the Neck-Tech collar!

Place the back of the Neck-Tech on a flat, clean surface.

  1. Insert a slotted screwdriver into the gap on the back of a single element.
  2. Bend the link gently open by turning the screwdriver as far as necessary to obtain a gap that allows a single element to be added or removed by clipping it in or out. Proceed cautiously and take care because too frequent and too massive levering can lead to material fatigue at this point.
  3. Finally, close the gap to the original level by using a combination pliers and squeezing gently.

 A soft cloth used as a base will prevent from causing scratches on the surface.

The individual elements of the patented NECK TECH are punched from strip material and are available in different qualities, which can be individually combined with each other.

The NeckTech in combination with the ClicLock fastener is extremely durable and long-lasting.

While the NeckTech Fun is a pure necklace for guiding the dog, the NeckTech Sport is a chain with the possibility of punctual impact and is therefore a good and fancy alternative to the use of a standard training collar.

The indication of the total chain length in our catalogue refers to the total length including rings:

For reasons of production technology, our long link necklaces are subject to length deviations of

-1.0cm to +2.0cm within the tolerance range.

For short-link chains and chains with medium links, the tolerance of the length deviation is -0.5cm to +1.5cm.

The indication of the length of the individual chain links always refers to the clear dimension, i.e. the inner diameter of the individual link.

In order to determine the optimum neck width and consequently collar size suitable for your dog, please apply a measuring tape in such a way that it fits the coat and can be easily moved.
There should be one finger’s width space underneath.

Depending on the type of collar the following applies:

  • The dressage necklace should be chosen to fit the dog's neck size in order to ensure an optimal fit.
  • A chain without an assembly chain needs about 5 cm extra, because it is pulled over the head of the dog.
  • When choosing the correct length of a chain with assembly chain, you add +8cm to the dog's neck circumference (example: dog's neck circumference 42cm = chain size 50).

Our tip: if you do not have measuring tape at hand, use a cord which you then measure with a folding ruler.

Certainly the choice of the material depends primarily on the optics and the material, further criteria should be the suitability and the respective use.
Especially for very large and heavy dogs there are special chains with a correspondingly high breaking load, which guarantee a high degree of safety even in extreme situations.

The type of dog chain is selected according to fitting, fur texture and scope of application.
In general, there is a suitable dog necklace for all applications, your specialized dealer will be happy to advise you in detail.

Especially for dog breeds with long and thick fur, a chain selected in the correct link strength and size causes significantly less hair breakage than a nylon collar.

For large and heavy dogs a chain offers a high degree of safety due to the high breaking loads.

It is easy to care for and does not absorb water, thus providing no medium for unpleasant odors, dirt adherence or bacteria.

Our products are developed in cooperation with active dog sportsmen, breeders and trainers worldwide and therefore correspond to the latest state of research/technology. On the detailed product pages of our website you will find information about the respective material and the recommended maximum weight of the dog.

Basically, the prong collar is a special training aid that must be handled by experts only. A prong collar is always just an aid in dog training and never replaces a well-founded and professional training. Therefore, we ask you to seek advice in specialized shops when choosing the right prong collar and to be supported by an experienced trainer as well as to visit a competent dog school.

Our products are developed in cooperation with active dog sportsmen, breeders and trainers worldwide and thus correspond to the latest state of the art in research and technology. On the detailed product pages of our website you will also find information regarding the recommended maximum weight of the dog as well as the recommended coat condition for the respective chain type.

If you are still unsure which necklace or chain thickness is suitable for your dog, please contact your dealer using the Sprenger dealer search.

The first 5 digits indicate the chain type (see also page 64 of the main catalogue).

The digits 6 to 8 define the length of the chain in cm, the last 2 digits the quality/material (see page 4 in the main catalogue) of which the chain consists.

To purchase Sprenger products directly, please provide us with your business registration and some further detailed information about your business.
Since Sprenger sees itself as partner of the pet industry, we ask for your understanding that purchasing of standard articles is not possible with a non-sector-specific business registration.

If you are interested in hardware such as fittings and hook we kindly ask you to send us your detailed inquiry and specify the possible quantity as well as the matching item number..
Smaller quantities of fittings (< 50 pieces) are also available from specialist retailers.

Our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject.

Sprenger made products are available in specialised retail shops . We kindly ask you to search for a suitable retail shop nearby or an online shop with Sprenger assortment of goods by using our store locator.

Additionally, customers from Germany can also shop in our online store. 


Customers from Germany can shop via our online store at https://shop.sprenger.de.

In addition, you have the option of using the Sprenger dealer locator to find a suitable specialist dealer in your area.

Each of our collars is stamped with our brand name HS-Germany (HS-GERMAN INOX / HS-CUROGAN) on the rings, swivels and some additional places on certain products. This marking serves as a verification of brand recognition for each Sprenger product.
Besides the stamp “HS-GERMANY INOX” on all rings of our collars made of stainless steel, Sprenger labels this premium material, whether polished or blackened, with an additional tag that is marked with a red dot. With help of this it is possible to differentiate a stainless steel collar from a chromed steel one at first sight.