A choice of high-quality metals

Alongside the standard assortment of chrome plated collars Sprenger also offers various other metals. The fact that the different metals differ in colour too also plays an essential role in this instance. CUROGAN, with its copper colour, is completely in vogue and the black stainless steel receives many positive comments regarding its unique finish. Using the selection of materials, Sprenger are drawing in the masses and regularly starting new trends with the variations and varieties of collars. The different material properties offer a distinct advantage so that you will certainly find the perfect chain for your dog.

Stainless steel black

Tradition meets modern look

High-quality dog collars made of blackened stainless steel

All collars in the standard range made of stainless steel form the basis for this quality. In an electroplating process, the surface is blackened and finally polished.

Since it is not a permanent coating, the permanent friction of the fur on the metal can create an attractive antique look. We recommend our standard range of stainless steel with polished surface or CUROGAN for dogs with a tendency to discolour fur.

Also look out for our metal tag with the red dot and the HS-GERMANY INOX stamp on all rings and swivels when buying a black stainless steel product.

  • solid material - surface blackened & polished
  • absolutely stainless
  • seawater resistant
  • high strengths
  • use a mild detergent or dish soap for cleaning

Stainless steel matt

The modern quality stainless steel matt represents an innovation from SPRENGER.

It combines all the proven advantages and positive features of a SPRENGER dog collars made of stainless steel. A special manufacturing process gives the collars and fittings the matt design.
Since it is not a coating, color changes due to natural abrasion cannot be ruled out. Due to the properties of stainless steel, the material darkens evenly over time.

SPRENGER stainless steel collars have all the positive features you know and appreciate from our polished stainless steel collars:

  • no color changes due to abrasion
  • Quality, robustness and durability
  • high breaking loads
  • appealing noble optics
  • full material
  • stainless
  • seawater resistant
  • use a mild detergent or rinsing agent for cleaning

Stainless steel

Quality with tradition

High quality dog collars made of stainless steel

The numerous advantages of this quality are the reason why especially dog sportsmen and professional trainers use stainless steel collars.
Special processing steps in production and the selection of materials create properties such as seawater resistance, robustness and safety.

When buying a stainless steel product, pay attention to our metal tag with the red dot and to the HS-GERMANY INOX stamp on all rings and swivels, which guarantees you the described premium SPRENGER-quality.

  • solid material - polished
  • absolutely stainless
  • seawater resistant
  • care with our Diamond Paste (metal polish)


The nickel-free alternative

High quality dog collars made of CUROGAN

This quality was developed for dogs that react to other materials with a discoloured fur. CUROGAN is an excellent alternative for over 90% of these dogs.

In addition to their anti-allergic properties (nickel-free), CUROGAN collars are very popular because of their appealing appearance. The high copper content gives the collar a brilliant color that darkens in use. With the help of our Diamond Paste, the original condition can be restored at any time.

Due to the high copper content, these chains have a higher material abrasion in the links. Therefore we recommend to visually check the collars from time to time and to replace them in time.

  • special copper coating with high strength
  • solid material - polished
  • nickel-free
  • stainless
  • maintenance with our Diamond Paste (metal polish)


High gloss optics combined with a robust surface

High quality dog collars made of chrome-plated steel

Chrome-plated collars manufactured by SPRENGER are characterised by their high-gloss surface. The result is achieved by a special surface polish that ensures that the nickel and chrome layers adhere particularly well. The collars receive double and therefore long-term protection against rust.

Surface damage caused by external influences can attack the steel core. Therefore, we cannot give any guarantee against corrosion for collars and other articles made of steel.

  • double rust protection by nickel and chrome layer
  • high-gloss surface
  • after cleaning with a mild detergent or rinsing agent, dry carefully