Sprenger dog-sport-Trademarks

Decades of experience, a great deal of market knowledge and the collaboration with professionals from the fields of sport, medicine and research establishes the basis for the development of Sprenger products which set international standards.

This is the reason why the patented CUROGAN alloy, which is the first metal that was developed especially for the production of dog collars, originated. Sprenger is the only manufacturer who has redeveloped this type of collar together with participants of dog sports.

In 2010 the ULTRA training collars were replaced with the ULTRA-PLUS training collars. With this new development Sprenger could finally differentiate itself from competitors. The NECK-TECH SPORT represents a viable alternative for the standard ULTRA-PLUS training collars. The NECK-TECH SPORT is sensational due to its excellent functionality and by its attractive design.
The latest innovation from SPRENGER is the ClicLock fastener which is made from stainless steel and established its place very quickly into our range of products.


In the past Sprenger products with nylon were only available combined with a conventional metal buckle. Both the quality of the fastener, as well as the fact that Sprenger had to use a third party product, led the research and development department of Sprenger to design a new stainless steel buckle.

The patent-pending ClicLock offers advantages such as a sturdy housing made of stainless steel, a high-quality seawater resistant plastic button, and a guaranteed tensile strength of 200 kg.

Since the successful introduction of the clasp onto the market the ClicLock is also used for our own products including the SPRENGER training collars.
Meanwhile even more manufacturing companies are also using the ClicLock as a component for their products.


Premium Quality in Precious Design

The patent pending Neck-Tech is the first robust and reliable alternative to the traditional training collar. Through the imitation of a dog’s fang teeth we achieve a more natural influence towards the dog. Experienced dog trainers report that dogs react with more attention while wearing the Neck-Tech. By using the Neck-Tech the dog trainer can communicate more sensitively and in a way that is understandable to the dog, especially those with shorter hair.

The Neck-Tech fun has been produced for all those who like the design of the Neck-Tech Sport, but do not need a training collar for their dog.
By combining the different metals or individual elements from the different versions you could create a customized Neck-Tech that exactly matches your needs and personal taste.


ULTRA-PLUS training collars from Sprenger are also an integral part of our products range. In the course of the development of the Neck-Tech in 2010 the research and development department noted that the middle plate of the Neck-Tech could also be used to improve the ULTRA training collars. An equal pressure along the collar is achieved by the synchronous arrangement of the middle links. This feature is not only better for the fur, but also optimises the communication with the dog. ULTRA-PLUS training collars are available in Stainless Steel, black Stainless Steel, CUROGAN, chrome plated steel, nickel plated steel and browned steel. Both the classical version of the training collar with an assembly chain, as well as the modern form with nylon and a ClicLock, are only available with a middle plate as the ULTRA-PLUS training collar.


absolutely nickel- and rust-free

CUROGAN is a patented alloy and the first material that was especially developed for producing dog collars. For dogs which react to wearing conventional collars with fur discolouration, CUROGAN is a proven alternative. It is not only because of the anti-allergic features but also because of the appealing look that the CUROGAN collars are becoming ever more popular.
The very high copper content gives the collar a brilliant colour which antiques and darkens over time with regular use. The original condition can be restored by using Sprenger Diamond Paste metal polish or other commercially available polishing pastes. When using CUROGAN collars please take into consideration that the abrasion between links is slightly higher than compared to the standard steel chains. The relatively high percentage of copper and the inherent characteristics of the metal will, depending on the conditions of use, lead to a thinning in the wire gauge of the links.
For this reason we recommend visually inspecting the collar at regular intervals to be able to replace the collar in good time.