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Item number: 51508-67


Feature chain 51506
  • special collar preferentially used for training resp. exam preparation

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• standard version
• preferentially used for training / examination preparation of German Shepherds
• chain type 51506
More Information
Wire gauge 3.00 mm
Feature chain 51506

The material CUROGAN is a copper-tin alloy and 100% nickel-free. It is an excellent alternative for dogs that have been allergic to conventional chains. Due to the high copper content, Curogan chains have a brilliant reddish colour which darkens considerably during use.

Even a CUROGAN chain does not completely protect the dog from fur discoloration. This is mainly due to the fact that various factors play a role in the discoloration of the dog's coat.

CUROGAN is 100% nickel-free and has proven to be a good alternative for dogs that react with a discoloration of the coat. However, even a CUROGAN chain does not prevent by 100% from discoloration of the coat, especially.

The discoloration of the chain is caused by the high copper content of a CUROGAN chain. The CUROGAN chain is therefore coated with Zapon lacquer during the final stage of production. This abrades over time so that the material regains its natural surface. Without the lacquer, CUROGAN can develop a greenish discoloration due to temperature variations and high humidity or water influences. However, the quality of the chain is not affected. The original condition can be re-established at any time with a commercially available polishing paste (Diamond paste).


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