Collar, medium, with assembly chain - Stainless steel, 3.0 mm

Item number: 51545-55


QualityStainless steel
Featurewith assembly chain and ring
Chain typemedium
Wire gauge3.00 mm
  • made of high quality stainless steel
  • suitable for all coat types and lengths
  • assembly chain for easier donning provides a pull stop for tension limitation
This dog collar with medium lonk links is equally recommended for any kind of breeds.
It enjoys growing popularity among dog trainers and owners!
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Wire gauge3.00 mm
Featurewith assembly chain and ring
Fur type: suitable for ...short fur, medium length fur, long fur
Chain typemedium
QualityStainless steel

Only chains and fittings made of stainless steel are recommended for use near the coast or under permanently extreme humid conditions.

The black stainless steel chains are cleaned of galvanic color residues during the final production process. However, depending on the chain type and product, slight residues may remain.

In addition, it is not a permanent coating, so the constant friction of the fur on the metal can create an antique look.

Therefore this beautiful quality is not suitable for white or very light haired dogs.

The red slider on the old ClicLock version was only used for additional protection against unintentional opening. It is a plastic part, which is worn out by the regular movement. The functionality and quality of the ClicLock is not affected in any way.

Since the introduction of the new ClicLock model, an additional plastic slider, a so-called jacket, has been placed over the shutter release for additional protection.

The closing process of the ClicLock ends with a clearly hearable "click". This acoustic signal gives you the certainty that the ClicLock has locked properly.