Soundless Training Whistle with plastic cover, sleeve & chain

Item number: 5748106031


Qualitybrass polished, nickel-plated
Featureplastic cover, sleeve and chain
Length85 mm
  • for human scarcely audible
  • audible range for the dog up to 400 meters
  • constant pitch by locking the secure nut on the adjustment screw
  • protective sleeve
  • additional black cap to secure the individual tonal adjustment
  • plus chain to attach
This "soundless training whistle" has an audible range up to 400 meters for the dog and is barely audible for humans.

A constand pitch can be achieved by locking the secure nut on the adjusment screw and using the protection cover for securing the adjustment.
The additional plastic cover protects the whistle against dirt.

The 60cm-long chain (steel nickel plated) can be used for a fixation at belt loops etc.
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Length85 mm
Featureplastic cover, sleeve and chain
Qualitybrass polished, nickel-plated

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