Dog toy FRUIT CHALLENGE - "Mango" (L)

Item number: 5819900300


Qualitynatural caoutchouc
Measure16 x 9 cm
  • made of tooth-friendly, robust and resistant natural rubber
  • optimal for retrieving or as an employment and throwing toy
  • can be filled with treats
  • hand strap for secure grip and easier throwing
  • rinse with water for cleaning, dishwasher safe if required
• Made of natural rubber
• robust activity and throwing toy for dogs
• Can be filled with treats
• Food sage (in compliance with FDA standard)
• Rinse with water to clean, dishwasher safe if necessary

Important: Supervision is recommended. Please check the toy frequently and replace it if damaged.
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Measure16 x 9 cm
Qualitynatural caoutchouc

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