Biothane® Short Lead

SKU: 5911203071
  • Biothane® Made in USA

  • stitched, not riveted for more strength

  • extremely high tensile strength

  • also suitable for heavy breeds

  • availabe in various colors

  • Hook made of high-quality brass (blackened)

  • easy-care, lightweight, durable

Feature: with a snap-hook made of blackened brass


Color: black


Product information

Just what was missing! The short lead from SPRENGER!
Made of high-quality Heavy Biothane® in 19 mm width, this short lead is a must for large dogs that already have a good command of the recall and spend most of their time off the lead and only need a means of protection or correction in certain situations. The short lead is clipped into the collar or harness like a normal lead and does not hinder the dog when running free. If necessary, your four-legged friend can be picked up quickly. Also ideal for obedience walks. The high-quality design is finished off with an embossed SPRENGER logo.
The short lead can also be quickly stowed away in your jacket pocket if you don't need it.
The attachments are sewn and not riveted, so the high breaking load of the material is retained.

Note: In sport and training, we advise against using short leads with a loop, as the dog could step into the loop when jumping hurdles, for example.
19 mm
with a snap-hook made of blackened brass
30 cm