Halskette, kurze Glieder - Curogan, 4,0 mm

SKU: 5138205167
  • made of high quality nickel free curogan in red gold look

  • runs very well through the ring due to the short links

  • ideal for short haired breeds

  • eminently strong

Length: 51 cm


Product information

During production in our factory in Iserlohn, the strip material is twisted and the result is the typical character of the curb chain, which is reminiscent of a tightly knitted stitch. Curb chains are one of the most stable types of chain, and the tightly intertwined links make this type of chain collar particularly suitable for short-coated dog breeds.
We produce curb chains made of different materials, in different wire gauges and designs (classic round curb chain or additionally flat polished for extra shine) as well as a variety of models (martingale collar or choke style).

Just like our stainless steel dog collars, the CUROGAN chains are also more durable thanks to the use of rustproof solid material - making them more sustainable, safer due to high breaking loads and significantly easier to care for than conventional collars made of nylon or leather.

Made from 4.0 mm thick CUROGAN, the chain with item number 51382-67 can withstand wind and weather, even on long walks, and is even ideal for water lovers.
Like the assembly chain, the collar has round links and has a sturdy ring (also made of CUROGAN) for attaching the leash. The integrated assembly chain makes it easier to put on and offers a limited traction, which means it meets all the requirements of animal welfare-compliant dog equipment and also offers safety for dogs that want to wriggle out of the collar in extreme situations, for example.

Not sure which wire gauge is right for your four-legged friend? Round link chains with 4 mm wire are particularly suitable for medium-sized dogs, such as Australian Cattle Dogs, Beagles and Dalmatians.

Our CUROGAN chains are particularly suitable for dogs with light-colored coats or a nickel allergy. The material darkens over time and takes on an antique finish, but still results in less coat discoloration compared to stainless steel.
Wire gauge
4.00 mm
2 rings
suitable for
short fur
Chain type
51 cm
Length inch
20 inch