Martingale Collar with limited traction - CUROGAN, 4.0 mm

SKU: 5161406567
  • made of high quality nickel free curogan in red gold look

  • suitable for all coat types and lengths

  • large chain links reduce hair breakage and are therefore optimal for long coat

  • assembly chain for easier donning provides a pull stop for tension limitation

  • no choking

  • also suitable for anxious dogs

Max. neck circumfence: 58 cm

Max. neck circumfence

Length: 65 cm


Product information

With our CUROGAN chain collar your dog is equipped for all adventures. The robust material withstands wind and weather during extensive walks and training sessions and is also ideal for water lovers. The long chain links are particularly coat-friendly and reduce hair breakage on long and fine coats. The assembly chain makes it easy to put on and provides limited traction without choking. An optimal choice also for anxious dogs, which thus cannot squirm out of the collar.

The chain collars made of only 4mm thick CUROGAN are much more durable, safer and easier to clean than conventional collars made of nylon or leather. In addition, they look absolutely awesome on every fur length.

Not sure which wire gauge is right for your four-legged friend? Chain collars with 4 mm strength are particularly suitable for large dogs, such dog breeds include: Malinois, German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Large Münsterländer.

Our CUROGAN chains are particularly suitable for dogs with light-colored fur or a nickel allergy. The material darkens over time and takes on an antique finish, but still results in less coat discoloration compared to stainless steel.
Wire gauge
4.00 mm
with assembly chain and ring
suitable for
short fur, medium length fur, long fur
Chain type
long links
65 cm
Length inch
26 inch
Max. neck circumfence
58 cm