NeckTech Sport with Assembly Chain and ClicLock - Stainless steel

SKU: 5016501066
  • made of high quality stainless steel in a black look

  • pleasant wearing comfort for all short- and long-haired breeds

  • length can be varied by adding or removing individual links

  • with high-quality ClicLock closure for easy opening and closing

Length: 55 cm


Product information

A natural influence on the dog through the imitation of the dog’s fang teeth and therefore an incomplicated communication with the dog is offered by SPRENGER NeckTech Sport.

The collar facilitates a gentle education with harmony and confidence between dog and owner and provides a pleasant wearing comfort for all short and long-haired breeds.

Moreover, this version is equipped with an assembly chain and a swivel in order to achieve more flexibility between dog collar and leash. The ClicLock makes it easy to put on and take off the chain and protects against unintentional opening.

Please be aware that there is a little impact on the influence due to differing fur length and thickness.

An accurate fit of the Neck-Tech Sport is recommended.
with swivel
and ClicLock closure (stainless steel)
suitable for
short fur, medium length fur, long fur
Chain type
Stainless steel black matt
55 cm
Length inch
22 inch
20 mm
Ø Chain
3.00 mm