ULTRA-PLUS Training Collar with Center-Plate, Assembly Chain, 2 rings - Steel chrome-plated, 3.0 mm - short version, 60 cm / 24"

SKU: 5008501402
  • made of chromed steel in a highly complementary look

  • pull limitation on the length of the assembly chain

  • changed shape and size of the individual links is based on the training collar with a wire gauge of 2.25 mm

  • smaller links with larger wire thickness for an even more precise impact

  • recommended as an alternative to the 2.25 mm training collar for larger dogs

Product information

This Training Collar is designed to have a higher number of links at the same length, providing a more targeted impact on the dog. It also has a high stability due to the 3 mm wire thickness
50 cm
Length inch
20 inch
2 rings
Steel chrome plated
Wire gauge
3.00 mm